Agro & Food Products

Agro & Food Products


Adiyogi Agro& Food Products is the latest addition to the Adiyogi family, established
in 2020. Our mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and farming practices, and we are doing just that with our ongoing development of 100 acres of organic farm plots in the Madurantakam region.


We believe in giving our customers the best possible options, which is why we have adopted

the “Only Acres” concept. This allows our clients to buy and sell land in acres, making it easier to find the perfect plot of land for their needs, whether it be for domestic or industrial purposes.


In addition to our agriculture sector, we are also investing in renewable energy. Our energy sector is in the process of acquiring 100 acres of land across the Thoothukudi region to create Solar Energy Farms in 5 different locations. Our aim is to provide clean and sustainable energy sources that will benefit our communities and the environment for generations to come.


At Adiyogi,we strive to be at the forefront of innovation and growth. Our Agro & Food Products wing is just another step towards achieving that goal. If you’re looking for a sustainable investment in agriculture or energy, look no further than Adiyogi.